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MAUKA Moss Rug


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Mauka Moss RugMauka Moss Rug
Mauka Moss Rug Sale priceFrom $239.00
Mauka Moss RugMauka Moss Rug
Mauka Moss Rug Sale priceFrom $239.00
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Each rug carries a unique story, deeply influenced by its origins. The time and place that inspired its patterns and textures play a crucial role in bringing its design to life.


Ground your space with Irregular shapes inspired by natural moss art

With lush textures and vibrant greens, our '3D Moss' collection captures the essence of nature’s own artistry. This collection draws inspiration from the intricate and delicate forms of moss and the environments in which it thrives, from shadowy forests to bright, misty hillsides


Ground your space with natural textured rugs inspired by the forest

Explore our 'Forest Rug' features mesmerizing patterns that echo the serene and untamed beauty of the forest. Inspired by towering trees and flowing rivers, these rugs are crafted with natural, undyed materials and a palette of earthy tones


Ground your space with vibrant colors inspired by summer in the garden

Our 'Flower Garden Rug' bursts with the vibrant colors and delicate details of a summer garden in full bloom. Made to add a touch of warmth and whimsy to your space, each rug invites the joyful spirit of a summer garden into your home.

Monstera Leaf

Ground your space with leaf shaped inspired by the fields and monstera plants.

The Monstera Leaf Rug captures the serene and lush allure of monstera leaves, bringing a sense of peace and natural beauty into your home. Perfect for creating a tranquil, leafy oasis, these rugs harmonize beautifully with your decor, embodying the quiet joy and rejuvenation of nature indoors.