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Article: FAQs



Frequently Asked Questions about Tufted Rugs


1. What materials are your rugs made from? 

- We are using New Zealand wools and Acrylic yarns to tuft our rugs, premium tufting cloth, non slip backing and carpet adhesive.


2. How to clean tufted rugs?

- Tufted rug is NOT WASHABLE !!!
- The best way to care for a tufted rug is with regular vacuuming
- Gently spot clean small stains with a mild detergent and water. Blot gently and avoid excessive rubbing. Always blot starting from the outer edge inward so the stain doesn't spread.


3. Do you offer custom sizes or shapes?

- Yes, we do take custom orders, please click here https://tuftwonderrug.com/pages/order-custom-rug to get a custom tufted rug.


4. What sizes do you have for custom order?

- We have small sizes from 20in and 30in; larger sizes from 3ft to 5.2ft.
- If you are interested in getting a rug that size larger then 5.2ft please contact us.

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