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About TWR

At TWR, we employ two specialized tufting techniques to create our pieces: tufting gun and punch needle.


Our mission: craft a one-of-a-kind rug that truly reflects your personality, making your home uniquely yours

Tufting Gun

The majority of our rugs feature intricate designs tufted with a professional-grade tufting gun. This electric tool allows us to inject precise piles of our premium New Zealand wool yarn into the rug's backing. The exceptional quality of this wool ensures each tufted rug will be ultra-durable and richly colored.

Punch Needle

Some of our rugs are instead crafted using a traditional punch needle tool. We use this manual technique to individually punch small loops of plush acrylic yarn through a monk cloth backing. This creates a delightful 3D moss effect on the rug's surface. Our punch needle rugs have a quaint, folk art look and feel irresistibly cozy.

Non-Slip Backing

All of our rugs, whether tufted or punch needle, feature a non-slip backing applied after the tufting is complete. This rubber backing helps the rug stay firmly in place on any hard floor or carpet. It also enhances the rug's durability.

Welcome to TWR

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Started Hand Tufted Rug

In 2021, I found a YouTube video on tufting and instantly fell in love with making rugs. It made me so happy to create rooms that matched my own style. I started my rug business because I wanted to share that joy with others, helping them create spaces that feel just as special and personalized.

My Mission

Launched Etsy Shop

In 2022, I launched my first online shop on Etsy, specializing in custom rugs. I loved chatting with customers about their ideas and turning them into real rugs. Each project was a new adventure, and seeing their happy reactions to my work brought me so much joy. It felt great to help bring their visions to life!


Become the star seller

In 2023, I became a star seller on Etsy. I made over 200 rugs and received all 5-star reviews. My business started growing so fast! It was amazing to see so many people loving the rugs I made. Each review and happy customer made me even more excited to keep creating and growing my shop.

New Journey

we jump into shopify

In 2024, we decided to expand and launched our own Shopify store to reach even more people with our quality rugs. Moving to a bigger market brought new challenges, but we were excited and believed in our ability to succeed. It was a big step, but we were ready to take our business to the next level and share our passion with an even larger audience!