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What is a tufted rug?

A Complete Handmade Rug Guide

The Origins of Tufting

A tufted rug is a type of rug made using a tufting technique. The tufting process involves stitching loops of yarn or fabric through a backing material, usually tufting cloth and wool yarns.

While rugs have been produced for centuries using weaving, knotting, and braiding techniques, tufted rug-making is a relatively newer process. It was developed in the late 19th century as a more efficient and affordable way to manufacture rugs. Theavailability of industrial sewing machines enabled this new tufting technique to be performed by machine rather than entirely by hand.

How Tufting Rugs Are Made

Tufting Gun

This electric tool rapidly punches yarn into the tufting cloth following a pattern. It allows for intricate designs.

Punch Needle

A manual tool used to individually punch loops of yarn through tufting cloth backing. Creates a textured look.

What Materials are Used to Make Tufted Rug

Premium Tufting Cloth - the premium tufting cloths are commonly used. The sturdy fabric provides a foundation for the tufting.

Yarns- New Zealand Wool, acrylic, and cottom create the plush pile. Quality tufted rugs use durable, colorfast yarns.

Non Slip Backing - The non-slip surface will help keep the rug safely in place while adding stability. 

Non Toxic Adhesive- We use latex adhesive, the adhesive permanently attaches the tufts to the backing so they don't pull out.

Edging- Adding a quality edging is an essential finishing touch for tufted rugs that neatly wraps the edges to increase durability and longevity for a professionally handcrafted look 

Carving Clipper - We trim the tufted pile to a sculpting depth and dimension to intricately carve patterns, and designs to enhance the beauty and artistry of each unique tufted rug

Why Choose a Tufted Rug



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Tufted rugs offer many benefits compared to woven rugs:

1. More affordable pricing, thanks to efficient production

2. Highly customizable sizes, shapes, textures, and designs

3. Plush, cushy pile that's cozy underfoot

4. Versatile style fitting casual to formal spaces

5. Easy maintenance with regular vacuuming

We hope this tufted rug guide helps you understand how these rugs are crafted and why they make such a smart decor choice. Browse our collection today to find the perfect tufted treasure to add comfort and flair to your home! Let us know if you have any other tufting questions