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Mauu Moss Rug

Sale price$429.00

Step onto luxury with our handmade rugs, crafted from top-quality wool and non-toxic materials. Each rug features unique tufted details and delicate trimmings, bringing life to any room with their cozy 3D textures. Perfect for making any space feel like home.


Softness: Fluffy

Material: 100% Wool Pile

Style: Naturalist


  • Hand Tufting

At TWR, we’re providing exceptional products and personalized support every step of the way. Learn more.

Our mission is to tufted favorable, nature-inspired, one of kind handmade rugs using quality materials that bring tranquility and style to your home. Know More About TWR.

Natural Rug Space

As a rug artist, I was inspired to create nature-themed rugs during my first hiking trip. This is how our Moss Collection was born, designed to bring the essence of nature into homes.

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